How Big is a Toddler Bed Mattress

Bed selection is a very important issue for children as well as for everyone else, because in cases where the beds that are suitable for children's body and skeletal structures are not selected, various health problems may occur, as well as their development may be seriously hampered. In this respect, children aged 2-7 represent an age range that should be treated carefully in bed selection. Since this age range is a period in which their physical and mental development is faster than at other ages, it is important for them to take the basic gains well.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Bed for Children aged 2 – 7

Children between the ages of 2 and 7 leave their infancy period behind and now enter a period where they move more and also show rapid development. Since this age is a period in which their skeletal systems develop further depending on their physical characteristics, they start to crawl, and then they can walk, it is of great importance that their bone structures show a careful development. Likewise, since they are more active during the day, it is important to have uninterrupted sleep, especially at night. However, since they need sleep during the day as well as at night, it is important to choose beds that are restful, relaxing, and supportive for their bodies under all circumstances.

how big is a toddler bed mattress

This stage is very important in terms of physical development. From the age of 2, children start to be more active during the day and show interest in many things as a result of their curiosity. This interest not only makes them more active and energetic but also supports the development of their musculoskeletal systems. In particular, body structures that need to be supported in order for the spinal cord to develop by taking its correct and natural position can cause posture disorders as a result of wrong mattress selection. The use of models such as spring children's beds, which have extremely unfavorable conditions, especially for children, puts pressure on the skeletal system and also prevents it from taking a natural position. In such a case, Spring children's beds can cause risky situations in the formation of the natural position of the spine shape, since children in the 2 -7 age group are misdirected. At the same time, since the muscle structures are just starting to take shape, the mattress is important in terms of both supporting their weight and evenly distributing them throughout the mattress. If they do not listen to the muscles during sleep due to their excessive activity during the day, this can lead to various developmental problems.

At the same time, attention should be paid to this stage for mental development as well as physical characteristics. In order for children to achieve healthy mental development, the REM stage, which is called the active sleep stage, must be completed well. The active sleep phase represents a phase in which all the information learned during the day turns into permanent gains. However, when this stage is interrupted, children's cognitive gains may be lacking. Since this stage is also a very sensitive stage, it is very important not to interrupt it, as it is the stage that deteriorates quickly and is not easy to enter again during sleep. The wrong children's beds that cannot provide this can also have a negative effect on the cognitive development of children.

2 – 7 Years Old Children Important Points in Bed Selection

In order for children between the ages of 2-7 to show a healthy development, it is necessary to be careful and attentive in the selection of beds. In this respect, important points should be taken into account in the selection of beds for children aged 2-7;

When choosing a bed, attention should be paid to the features of the bed that can meet your child's sleep needs rather than the price. Especially since this age range is very important for their development, it is important to choose a bed that will enable them to show healthy physical and mental development. The mattress should support the body, contribute to the development of muscle structure, and have comfortable and hygienic features.

kids room bed mattress

It should be noted that it has natural ingredients. Mattresses that do not have natural ingredients, that is, synthetic properties, have negative effects on your child's development. WellMatt children's mattresses offer your children a superior sleeping experience with completely natural content. Children's beds, which stand out with their natural content, give your children the strength and comfort of nature with materials such as coconut fiber, latex, or natural cotton - wool. Mattresses with non-natural, synthetic content not only prevent them from sleeping in a quality manner but also cause great problems for the skin of children between the ages of 2 and 7 since their skin is still more sensitive. Mattresses with synthetic content, which cause irritation such as redness, swelling, or itching, cause the ideal sleep pattern to be disrupted. Since the natural material also stands out with its durability, it is suitable for use for very long periods.

It is necessary to choose the mattress with the ideal hardness. Sleeping in very soft beds until the age of 3 can prevent the proper development of their spine. In this regard, contrary to popular belief, very soft beds should not be preferred for children. Beds with medium firmness will provide better support for children's bodies, causing them to sleep more comfortably. Among the models of children's mattresses, materials such as latex and coconut fiber make a tremendous contribution to children's restful and supportive sleep by ensuring that their body weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress. However, spring children's beds are bed models that you should not choose for your children, as they prevent the natural position and cause various discomforts.

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Care should be taken to ensure that the mattress is in an air-permeable structure. Particularly in children, sweating and interruption of sleep are common due to sweating during sleep. Such a situation, in addition to reducing their sleep quality, can make them restless. WellMatt mattresses, in which materials such as latex or coconut fiber are used, act as natural air conditioners and ensure that the mattress is at the best temperature values. Sweating during sleep occurs when the bed is not in a ventilating structure, in other words when body heat is trapped by the bed. This causes the temperature to rise and the sleeper to sweat. Airy mattresses, on the other hand, not only prevent heat-trapping but also offer a spacious sleeping floor. At the same time, their air-permeable structures prevent the formation of mites such as bacteria, mold, fungus, and dust inside the mattress, thus providing a healthier and more hygienic mattress. It is of great importance to choose such mattresses, especially for children with allergen sensitivity.

how big is a toddler bed mattress
Since children spend most of their time in bed, their beds can become dirty depending on the use of eating, playing games, or other reasons. Mattresses produced from low-quality materials do not offer an easy-to-clean surface, so they can cause dirt and similar stains to accumulate and may show negative features on your child's health.

It is important to choose beds that allow alternative pedagogical methods such as Montessori education starting at this age so that you can try different education methods for your children on the bed. Montessori beds offered by WellMatt are specially produced for this education and are designed to offer your children the best education and sleep quality for long-term use.

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