Things to Consider in Baby Room Decoration

When you think of baby room decoration, you may think of carefully selected furniture, tinsel, and the most vibrant colors. But actually, baby room decoration is much more than that!

There are many points that you should pay attention to in the decoration of the baby room for the development of your baby, a night of healthy sleep, and safety. We have listed the things you should pay attention to when decorating these rooms for you. Don't decorate your baby's room without reading this article!

1- Always the most important point: Baby safety

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Providing baby safety in baby rooms is the primary issue. You should definitely not ignore this issue, especially from the moment the baby starts walking. We have listed the main points that you should pay attention to in the decoration of the baby room regarding safety.

Baby cradle bars must be longer than the baby's height so that your baby does not fall.

If there are no railings, you should use a baby bed barrier.

You should definitely cover the sockets in the baby room with protective covers.

If some doors and windows open out in the room, you should definitely install a baby lock. If you have furniture with drawers, it will be useful to use a baby drawer lock.

You should not put thick quilts, toys, and perforated, indented covers in the baby bed. It is important that you pay attention to these so that the baby's hands are missed and not overwhelmed in the bed. 

Especially if your baby has started to walk, you can provide a barrier to the sharp corners of the furniture with baby corner protection products.

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2- You should choose the colors of the baby's room carefully

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As in every room, the choice of color has an important place in the decoration of the baby's room. Colors create psychological effects on people and change their moods. With this in mind, you need to choose the color.

You should choose the baby room from pastel colors. Colors such as light blue, green, and beige have a relaxing effect because they are colors from nature. It also makes the room look bigger than it is.

Colors that are too dark may interfere with the baby's relaxation. If you want to use dark colors in the baby's room, you should definitely soften it with a pastel color. Dark colors make the room look smaller and flatter.

You should not use the same color in every corner of the room.

A white room will be too bright and will make it difficult for your baby to fall asleep.

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3- Baby room lighting can change everything

“What will the lighting change?” don't think; Even the color, quality, and position of the light are actually essential!

The product you choose should illuminate the baby's room equally. Therefore, lighting products should either be in the center of the room or several products should be located in different corners of the room.

The lighting product you choose should not emit high light. High-power light may damage the baby's eyes.

You should not choose very white or very yellow bulbs. In the middle of these two colors, led products will work.

Let your baby sleep in the dark. In a far corner of the room, you can use a very dimly lit nightlight, but you should keep the room as dark as possible in order not to inhibit the melanin hormone secreted at night and in the dark.

4- It is important to choose a baby room rug

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Don't worry about carpet, especially with your baby starting to crawl, your choice of carpet will be more important now!

Since carpets are on the floor, they are one of the household items that first catch the dust and dirt accumulated in the house. Your baby will be on the floor all the time once he starts to crawl. For this reason, you should definitely choose from antibacterial carpet types, especially if you are an allergic baby.

Educational carpets both add a difference to the decoration and contribute to the development of the baby. You can choose play rugs, which are one of the most popular baby room rug models, especially in recent days.

You can choose the carpet color according to the color of the baby room furniture. If you used dark furniture, you can soften the room by using a light-colored rug. If you used light-colored furniture, you can add vitality to the room with a dark-colored carpet.

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