What Can You Expect From a Race Car Bed?

Buying a toddler bed is a big decision. There are lots of options out there, from bunk beds to full-size beds. Choosing the right bed depends on your budget, space, and age of your child. And there is another thing that affects your choice and that might be the most important one. It is what your car-enthusiast toddler wants: a race car bed!

You'll be amazed how much your little child changes after he turns two years old. He will develop his own tastes, he will like some toys and stop playing with other ones. He will prefer some cartoons over others. When your child begins to understand that he is an individual satisfying his wishes will make you feel very good. That's why so many families want to buy a race car bed for their child who loves cars.

Since you are reading this article, you must be doing research for a gift to make your kid feel special; a race car bed,!  As CaKidsRoom, we are experts in this. We listed what kind of features a race car bed should have to help you on your research. After reading this article, you will learn what to expect from the race car bed that your toddler deserves.


should i buy a race car bed for my child?


A Perfect Designed Race Car Bed

Yes, you want to buy this race car bed to make your child happy. So he can have a giant bed that looks like his favorite toy. In his games, he will be able to hop in his car and go to work every morning like his parents. He will even be able to follow criminals in his police car, like the movie heroes he admires. A race car bed is exactly what he wants.

But still,  we need to remember that this is a major piece of furniture. It is one of the most important pieces of furniture to have in a room where you and everyone who will take care of your child spend long hours. For this reason, it is more important than you think that it is compatible with your home and has a design that you will not hate, so to speak.

This brings us to the first of the must-have features of a race car bed: a perfect design.

A Must-Have: Safe Materials on Race Car Bed

Toddler beds are designed specifically for children who are between 18 months to three years old. They usually come equipped with safety features such as guard rails and sturdy construction. Like any other toddler bed, race car beds must be produced with safe materials. 

Our race car beds are made with ABS which is a harmless material, non-toxic, BPA and lead free plastic. Their wood parts are also sturdy and durable. Only child-safe finishes are being used while we create these wonderful race car beds to offer little car lovers in Canada.

There is another aspect when you think about the safety of your child. The design of the race car bed should also protect children from falling from the bed. the bed frame should be comfortable to give your little one a healthy experience. toddlers may be very active duing the night, they wake up often and they seek comfort near their parents. It will be a great advantage to have a design that your child can easily get out of bed when he wakes up and comes to your room.

a red race car bed and it's great features 

Advantageous Price: Long Lasting Race Car Bed

It is possible to find race car beds with many different price options. Browsing the internet for a short time will give you a good idea about all the different options. Some race car beds, which seem like an expensive option at first glance, are definitely worth their price with some features. One of these features is that it can be used for a long time.
There is a very true saying: "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things"
A race car bed, which has a solid and durable structure, will be able to carry your child for a long time. Sturdy products are more advantageous because they last longer and are less likely to break. This means that you don't have to replace them as often, which saves money and makes life easier for everyone involved. For example, our race car beds are produced to provide comfortable use for children up to the age of 12. They can carry weights up to 300 lbs. Of course, however, they have a design that your 11-year-old wouldn't find "childish". This makes the products that can be used for quite a long time. Thus, the prices are very advantageous.


Absolutely Necessary: Rounded Corners and Hidden Hardware

One of the most important things that a race car bed should have is that the bed frame is produced in a way that does not pose a danger. The race car bed you bought for your beloved kid will be placed at one of the places where your child will spend the most time at their most active ages. While children are playing all kinds of games in their rooms, you should not choose a bed that poses danger with its sharp corners.
Also, any hardware of the bed should not be outside. Most of the race car beds have electrical components. Also, since it is disassembled furniture, it is combined with some hardware pieces. Both need to be kept out of the reach of children.
The most important things you should expect from a race car bed are these rounded corners and hidden hardware.

a white race car bed with LED Lights and racing sounds

Crazy Features: LED Lights & Racing Sounds

Let's get some excitement in our article. And let's focus on the "real" reason you bought a race car bed. Of course, your race car bed will have different features from other boring beds. For example LED Lights and Racing sounds!
To be honest, these two features are one of the biggest reasons why your child wanted a race car bed. What kid doesn't want gorgeous LED lights that turn on with a remote control? Especially the racing sounds added to this light double the fun.
In our opinion, one of the must-have features in a race car bed is LED lights and racing sounds.

Extra Awesomeness: Race Car Bed with Opening Doors

It's time for the extras! After all the boring features, we finally got to the items that really interest your child.
We need to say that this last feature doesn't have to be in every race car bed. But it's a feature that will make your say "Wow! your child and even you. Opening Doors!

We don't think you have any doubts about how cool it would be to have a race car bed with opening doors. This feature will spice up your child's games and let their imagination run wild!

In our opinion, these are the most important features that should be expected from a race car bed. What about when you buy a race car bed, what features do you want it to have? Or maybe you already have one. We are wondering what features you were expecting from a race car bed. And if the race car bed we purchased meets these expectations?
Share the results with us in the comments!

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