What Should We Consider When Choosing Wooden Toys?

Dear mothers and fathers, since wooden toys have a great place in the world of children and babies today, the question of how we should choose wooden toys as parents is constantly on our minds.

A product that is not designed in terms of material may adversely affect the health of your children and may cause permanent damage to their health.

The most important point when choosing is that the pieces should entertain him while contributing to his healthy developmental process. Alright! We have to pay attention to everything, but how can we understand them at once? We will explain it to you easily in a few steps.

play kitchen Wooden Toys

Firstly, to the product; Let's look at it from the framework of technical and legal rules. If you see a CE mark on the toy you like, it indicates that the toy is safe. CE certificate means; In European Union standards, it is a sign that indicates that a product is suitable for buyers. In addition, by looking at this sign in many toys you will buy, you can understand the reliability of the toy in terms of health and technical features.

Secondly; The thing to be considered is that when we look at the product, it is suitable for the physical characteristics of the child. When you take the product in your hand, the wood should be smooth so that the child does not get a splinter or anything when he takes it in his hand.

Thirdly, the subject we want to mention; paint quality. When the product comes into contact with water, the paint should not flow so that when our curious little ones take the toy into their mouths, the paint does not get into their mouths.

Fourthly; The situation that leaves a question mark in the minds of many parents is, "Is this toy suitable for my child's age? ''

In this context, wooden toys; should be chosen according to the age of the child. Because toys are produced by grouping them according to the ages of the children, and if we, as parents, pay attention to them, the shopping we have made will not reach its purpose, which will make us unhappy and our child may be harmed by inappropriate parts. In particular, we should pay attention to the age groups written in the description of the products we buy from the internet.

One of the things to consider in age appropriateness is the size of the pieces of the wooden toy, or if the product is one piece, whether there is a risk of it falling apart. Toy materials and hazards are different for each age. For this reason, we should make choices by knowing our child and considering the age range.

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