Great Design 

Magnificent led lights, remote-controlled racing sound and melodies, upward-opening doors... Cakidsroom products have everything that can be expected from a race car bed.

We know that you come across many models while searching for race car beds to buy for your child. Some will grab your attention for their price, some for their simplicity. But when you see Cakidsroom products, it is impossible to get them out of your mind. First, they attract your attention with a magnificent bed frame designed in the shape of a car. Then you see the led lights and you are impressed. When you see the doors that open, you are now ready to decide. Canada Kids Room's race car beds have the best design possible.


Best Materials 

 If you are looking for high-end furniture, you are in the right place. We do not compromise on quality materials for our race car beds. 

We love what we do, and that is producing the best furniture for kids. Our race car beds are not just looks, they also have the best materials. 

We constantly seek new ways to increase our quality by working with the leading suppliers. Neither toxic material nor BPA plastic was used during the production step of our products. They are totally safe and ready for child use.

A Fair Price for the Best Race Car Beds

We especially work on our pricing policy to watch over our clients' interests and make this business model permanent. 

We offer a fair price for the ultimate race car bed that makes your little one's dreams come true. Our race car beds' design and their functionality make this deal a very advantageous one. 

twin race car bed

Easy Installation

We know what your first question is when you buy a piece of furniture. How to install it? 
While designing our race car beds, we aim to make all members of your family happy. We bring together the best quality materials so that your little one can get the best sleep. We create the coolest designs so that he can love to sleep in his own room.

We don't forget to brainstorm so that parents can have the best experience with our products. We pay attention to our designs so that you can install them in the easiest way. We provide you with all the information required for the installation in documents and assembly videos. In less than an hour, your awesome race car bed will be ready!

Excellent In-Store & After-Sales Service

Canada Kids Room's success lies in its commitment to customer service. We love our job. That is what makes us the best. Our team consists of professionals who take their job very seriously.

The in-store team does its best to make all visitors comfortable. Our staff brings exceptional customer service to those who have questions about our products, as well as a deep understanding of their needs. Our website team equips our website with the latest technologies and works every day to ensure you have the best online shopping experience. As the Cakidsroom family, our work is our passion. This leads us to provide the best service.

race car bed twin

Free Shipping

We provide fast & free shipping!

You've just bought your child a wonderful birthday present and you may be wondering if it will be delivered before his birthday. Or your car-enthusiast child can not stop asking when his red race car bed will arrive.  Don't worry, Cakidsroom got you covered.

We offer free fast shipping for all the country. In this way, your little one will find the bed that they will love very much as soon as possible. You can find our Shipping Policy here.

Extended Return Policy

Cakidsroom Return and Refund Policy have 3 principles. Trust, customer satisfaction, and problem-solving.

We have full faith in our products. We produce premium race car beds that any other store offers. We use the best materials to maintain the high quality of our race car beds. In this way, we stand behind our products in all circumstances and we trust them.

Cakidsroom targets 100% customer satisfaction. We are pleased to provide the best service to all parents visiting our store or website. For this reason, we are proud to be open to communication for any question, including returns.

In addition, the return rate of our premium quality products is very low. However, we maintain a perfect return policy in order to solve the demands of our customers who want to return the product for any reason, as quickly as possible. You can find our return policy at this link.

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