The Hottest Race Car Beds to Give Your Kids This Christmas

Have a little speed demon at home?

Surprise them this holiday with the best race car bed of their dreams! Crafted to resemble sporty vehicles, race car beds spark major thrills by combining imagination, play, and sleep. Beyond the cool factor, they inspire kids to happily hit the hay. Check out why race car beds make the hottest rides to gift your child this Christmas.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal with Race Car Beds

Young children are fascinated with endless joy waking up on Christmas morning to find their dream bed waiting under the tree!

With colorful finishes mimicking GTX, Police car beds, Formula One cars, and more, they’ll burn rubber well past bedtime. 

Police car beds

Most models feature handy storage drawers built right into the chassis for stashing pajamas, books, and toys. Steel tubing or hardwood frames on high-end versions ensure safety and stability so you don’t have to worry about accidents on this track.

With thrilling race car beds ready to roll into your little fan’s bedroom this season, Santa better be prepared for excited reaction shots! 

Why Kids Love Race Car Beds

It’s easy to see why race car beds rank as some of the most beloved beds for young children. They appeal to senses, creativity and play for endless enjoyment:

Tap Their Passion - Kids who love everything fast and furious will geek out over residence resembling their hobby.

Make Bedtime an Adventure - Instead of resisting sleep, race car beds actually make kids excited to crawl in! 

Inspire Imaginative Play - Hours of entertainment come from pretending to drive around tracks for hot pursuit fun. 

Show Off Cool Style - Sporty race car silhouettes suit any revved up room kids love to show friends.

It’s no wonder race car twin beds top wish lists of automobile aficionados young and old! The playful shapes indulge their need for speed all night and day.

The Hottest Race Car Bed Styles

Shoppers will discover race car beds taking on diverse exciting shapes and builds:

Plastic Frames - Molded polypropylene plastic shapes a race car frame at budget prices but still looks cool.

Wood Race Cars - Handcrafted solid wood makes up entire race cars for high-end heirloom beds.

Metal Tubing - Steel tubes form strong race car outlines holding twin mattresses.

Actual Cars - Deconstructed real sports model cars become toddler-sized beds!

Whether you seek a moon luxury race car bed or professional racing sportscar version, there’s stylish speedy finds for every child this Christmas! 


Twin Race Car Beds vs. Toddler Race Car Beds

Race car beds primarily come in twin sizes fitting older kids or toddler sizes suiting tiny tykes. Consider which works best:

Twin Size Race Car Beds

With room to grow, twin race car beds measuring about 40 x 75 inches fits children:

  • Ages 5 years old and beyond
  • Transitioning from crib to bigger bed 
  • Who have outgrown their toddler bed

Twin sizes accommodate playmates at sleepovers too!

Toddler Race Car Beds 

Smaller race car toddler beds fitting crib mattresses measure about 53 x 28 inches to fit kids:

  • 6 months to 5 years old 
  • Comfortably transitioning from crib 
  • Likely to outgrow quickly
  • It’s still fun-sized for small fry!

Not sure which size to gift? Measure your tot’s space and projected growth. Both options instill years of play beyond sleepytime. 

Top Race Car Beds for Christmas 2023

Ready to shop toy stores, here are hot picks peeling out of the pits this season:

Premium Blue Race Bed

With a vibrant blue GT1 design, molded plastic bed frame makes pitstop dreams come true on a budget. Comes with a complimentary mattress so no extra purchase is needed!

blue gt1

Lambo Race Car Beds

The ultimate gift for car enthusiasts!

The LAMBO RX Twin Race Car Bed is packed with features that are sure to make your child smile. With leather seats, remote control, engine sound effects, side railings, this luxury toddler-sized ride screams style.

So many cool details, this bed is a great way to turbocharge your young one's bedroom.

Princess Carriage Race Car Bed 

Ramone and Lightning McQueen graphics rev up this bed for disney-obsessed girls to sleep and play in style.   

With hot options like these, Santa better chase down deals before they fly off store shelves sleigh-fast!

Accessorizing Your Child’s Race Car Bed 

Part of the fun is decking out their new speedster bed in coordinating raceway decor. Customize their pit stop with: 

  • Cozy play themed bed duvet sets 
  • Wall decals of favorite racers ad blazing flames 
  • Sturdy toy chest seating painted like a toolbox
  • Kids book rack
  • Shelving to display winning trophy collections
  • Race car tent or private nook under bed

Outfitting their new ride fuels creativity and personalized panache reflecting budding personalities.

With the right life-sized interactive space supporting all things fast and furious, their beloved racecar bed accelerates round-the-clock thrills. Making bed and dreamland the favorite place to be!

FAQs About Race Car Beds  

Still having burning questions about gifting a road-ruling ride? Here’s answers to common queries:

Are race car beds safe for kids?

Yes, quality materials like metal and solid wood ensure safety, while trusted brands follow guidelines minimizing injury risks. Teach kids safe play. 

What size mattress fits race car toddler beds? 

Standard crib mattresses about 28 x 52 inches suit most toddler car beds. Ensure proper fitting.

How much does a nice race car bed cost?

Anywhere from $600 for a basic plastic frame up to $1200+ for extravagant hand built wood race cars. But deals exist at Cakidsroom!

Where to buy a race car bed?

Major retailers like Cakidsroom carry race car twin and toddler beds models at various prices.

The Checkered Flag Wins!  

Gift thriving young racing fans more thrilling action this Christmas with their very own race car bed! Whether compact toddler style or twin-sized speedster, it unlocks creative, interactive play while bunking down at night.

Tap them into dreamland while fueling their passion for imaginative fun. Checkered flags wave in kids who score these beloved beds and space to live out racing fervor. Start your engines and ride on into the best gift ever! 

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