The Best Way to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Nursery [+ 5 Example Color Schemes]

  Are you waiting for a new family member who will add joy to your life and you want to build the perfect bedroom for her? You bought a new house and want to decorate your precious baby's room? Or do you want to give your old nursery a makeover for your second child?

  So, after a little research, we're sure you've decided that the first step is to choose a color scheme. And you're in the right place to learn how to do it! As Cakidsroom, preparing the most beautiful bedroom for your child is a job we have been doing for years. Let's examine together how to create a color scheme for a fairy-tale nursery.


Why colors are important?

  Most of us have heard some things about the effect of colors on our psychology. There are also many scientific studies on this subject, which attracts a lot of attention, especially in the field of marketing.

  These studies agree that colors are effective in making sense of the world. Colors enable us to relate events and concepts, facilitate our learning, and affect our mood.

  Babies' eyesight develops in their first year of life. In the first few years until they learn to communicate with language, the objects around them are very important. It's not surprising that the colors of these objects affect babies.

 “Experts have said that showing patterns to a baby is important as it provides visual and cognitive stimulation for a growing baby as they focus on what they can see.”

  This information shows us the importance of choosing the right color scheme in the decoration of the nursery.


Where to start when choosing a color scheme?

  The first thing you should do is smile. It's a happy mission! 

  Do you feel close to traditional blue and pink tones, or do you prefer a more gender-neutral theme?

  Think of your favorite colors and try to find which ones go best with each other. Of course, the decoration of other rooms of your home is also of great importance. The harmony of the children's room with the decoration of the house is one of the requirements for a holistic color world. 

  We are sure that you will make the right choice for your little one's fairy-tale room. The rest of our article can make this choice easier.


Which colors are calming for babies?

  Anyone who has taken care of a small baby knows what calmness is all about. A calm environment is necessary so that your baby does not tire himself and you with crying.

  You can use a color scheme in your baby's room to help calm him down. A nursery decor consisting of pastel and warm tones can easily perform this function. 

  The traditional pink and blue nursery decors are slowly being replaced by other colors. If you would like to follow the latest trends, you can consider more gender-neutral colors. Earthy colors such as natural wood, brown, and beige are among the most preferred baby room colors in recent years. They help your little one to sleep as they give rest to her eyes.

  Also, we need to say that “Exposing a baby to different shades of the same colour can help them make important colour connections early on in life rather than surrounding them with the same primary colours.” So you can choose a color you like and add different tones to your baby's room decor. 


How to choose the best color scheme for your nursery?

After giving all the information about color ideas, we want to give you several color scheme ideas to ease your choice!

Enjoy the color schemes we prepare for your and your precious baby’s nursery.

1. Bright Yellow & Friends 

 Bright yellow themed nursery decor with a cute bear toy


2. Gray Walls & Teddy Bear

Gray walls and bright yellow details on a nursery


3. Orange Rocket Nursery

Space and rocket themed nursery with an orange rocket wall decor


4. Soft Earthy Colors & Fox Friend

Earthy colored baby room and cute toy fox, well designed nursery


5. Soft Wooden Colored Nursery

Beautifully designed nursery with pastel colors, wooden baby crib, and baby toys

Crib Mocha Baby Bed 


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