Why My Kid Is Not Sleeping? [How to Solve Sleep Problems with Race Car Bed]

Except for a lucky few, most parents encounter sleep problems at some point in their child's growth. Rocking the crib for hours, reading them bedtime stories over and over, or even falling asleep before their child is familiar for most families. 

Since you are reading this article, it means you have experienced these problems at this or that age of your little one. And you are in the right place to find the answer you have been looking for. Canada Kids Room has been helping children to sleep for many years. Now let's take a closer look at sleep problems and examine our solutions (including a race car bed) to this issue.

Cute toddler is distracted, lays on the bed and watches a cartoon that includes race car beds


Reasons for Sleep Problems


Similar to every subject about raising a child, the first thing we need to know is that every child is different. You will read many different resources when you have a question about parenting. Or your parents won't be the only ones with ideas about how to raise your child. We are sure that many people you meet will not get bored of giving advice. Many of these pieces of advice can be helpful. but always remember, your child is unique and you are the person who will know him best. Solving your child's sleep problem is also something you can do with a little effort - of course, if the reason is not a medical case. 

Having too much screen time before sleep is the most common reason nowadays. When we talk about toddlers, we know how much they are fond of their ipads, tv, or mobile games. The colorful world on these small screens stimulates your child's mind in various ways. Colors, shapes, and music are very interesting for any toddler. Spending long hours staring at the screen can cause sleep deprivation in your little one because they would be distracted by screen time. 

Lacking a sleep schedule is another reason to keep your toddler away from sleeping. Kids need some rituals like a glass of warm milk, a short story, or even a warm bath before sleep.

If you are not sleeping so early and activity in the house doesn’t stop until late hours, that may affect your child’s sleep either. Imagine your roommate is throwing a party with your favorite people and you have to sleep in the next room. Now you can understand how is your little one feels when you tell her/him to sleep early.

 Beautiful kids' bedroom with a pricess bedd, fairy tale bedroom

How to Help My Kid to Sleep?

Create sleep time habits - A sleep schedule can be a lifesaver. People can be much more peaceful when they have a daily routine. It is not easy for us to build a routine among our busy work lives, responsibilities, and hobbies. But we should try to give that routine to our children. A nighttime routine of reading stories, quiet conversations, and a glass of warm milk will do any child well and help them sleep.


Create their dream bedroom - Children are happy in a room they are comfortable in and they love. It will be much easier for them to fall into a peaceful sleep in a room where they play games and spend quality time with their families during the day. For this, it can be very advantageous to design their rooms according to their tastes. Buying a princess bed for your daughter who loves fairy tales, a race car bed for your child who loves cars will make them love their room and bed. This will give them a reason to go to bed just in time.

 Black race car bed is located in beautifully designed kids' bedroom

Ensure they are okay physically - Going to bed hungry or too full would not help your children to sleep early. Make sure they eat at an appropriate time with bedtime. It is also very important for their sleep that they have thrown their energy away during the day. Ensure that they play enough games during the day and have an active day.

What about the methods you have tried to create your child's sleep pattern? Share with us in the comments!

And if you decide to follow our advice and create their dream bedrooms, check out our race car beds and princess beds!


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